Wooden Educational Toys

The Best Wooden Educational Toys for Kids

The Best Educational Wooden Toys

Of course, we all want what is best for our kids. This includes the toys they are playing with. They need toys that will expand on their learning and grow curiosity while providing them with safe play. Wooden educational toys are a perfect solution. In this post, I will share with you why you should choose wooden toys, what to look for in a wooden toy, and some wooden toy companies that are out there. 

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Why choose wooden toys?

Wooden educational toys provide such a different feel to playing that other plastics just don’t provide. The texture is different providing another stimulus for your child and those little hands can grip easily.¬†

Wood is not as easily broken as other materials. It can take a lot of force to break or crack solid wood. This makes wooden toys extremely durable.

Besides, plastic toys are a constant worry. Did you know that BPA is not the only chemical in plastics that you have to worry about? There are also phthalates and polyvinyl chloride, which are both found in soft plastics. In addition, polystyrene is another harmful chemical. These chemicals can cause hormone imbalance, premature puberty, aggression, and several different cancers. You can read more about it here. 

The key thing to avoid in plastic toys is recycling numbers 3, 6, and 7. However, you can avoid this completely by choosing the right wooden toys. 

4 Main Reasons to Choose Wood:

  • Durable
  • Less Toxins¬†
  • Colorful¬†
  • Better for Environment

What to look for in wooden educational toys

So we know choosing wooden toys are a better option for our kids. However, we still have to be careful about which wooden toys we choose for our children.

It is best to choose a wooden toy that is made of solid wood.  Those that are made from particleboard can contain harmful glues such as formaldehyde. 

If you are considering buying a toy that does contain particleboard make sure it was manufactured with formaldehyde-free glue. 

Lastly, you want to consider the types of paints that are being used. Some paints may contain lead, so it is very important to find wooden toys that are designed with water-based paints. 

3 Main Factors to Look for in Wooden Educational Toys:

  • Solid Wood
  • Formaldehyde-Free Glue
  • Food-grade dye or water-based for paints and sealants

The Best Wooden Educational Toys Available

Below I talk about two wooden toy companies that pass all the requirements of a high-quality wooden toy. I am hoping this will provide you with a start on searching for wooden toys that fit your needs! 

Plan Toys

Plan Toys is a toy company that is based out of Thailand. They focus on building wooden toys that are both child and environment-friendly. They strive towards a more sustainable world while still providing wonderful wooden educational toys.

Here is a list of materials they use while manufacturing their toys:

  • Natural Rubber Tree Wood
  • Non-Formaldehyde Glue
  • Organic Color Pigment
  • Water-Based Paint

Not only do they wish for children to explore natural play, but they hope to enrich a deep love for nature as well. 

Kitchen Play Sets

As you already know, Plan Toys creates wooden educational toys with terrific materials. You can find a collection of different kitchen play-sets.  

Children LOVE to pretend to cook! It’s something they can do for hours.

It is a terrific way to establish important life skills and build upon healthy nutrition. 

Play Kitchen

View Item

Fruits and Vegetables

View Item

Baking Utensils 

View Item

Tea Set

View Item

Doll House Play Set

Plan Toys has some of the cutest dollhouses I have ever seen. In addition, they have adorable accessories to go along with them. 

Heck, I think these dolls even have better-looking furniture in their house than I do!

As a little girl, do you remember playing with all of your Barbies? Did you have all the little pieces to go along with her? There was just something about those tiny purses that I loved oh so much! These bring back those memories of playing with dolls. 

…Even the memory of when a neighborhood boy pooped in my dollhouse. Yea, that’s one memory I wish I didn’t have!¬†

Dollhouse with Furniture

View Item

Doll House Nursery

View Item

Doll House Bedroom

View Item

Doll House Dining Room

View Item

Wooden Musical Instruments

Get ready to rock with these wooden instruments!

Playing instruments can be extremely fun for individuals of all ages. However, young minds benefit greatly from music. It will increase your child’s confidence, language development, and keeps your child entertained.¬†

Did you know things are easier to remember if they are done in song? 

Give it a try! Bang on the drums and create your own song about early learning concepts!

Drum Set

View Item

Clatter Music Toy

View Item


View Item


View Item

Grimm's Wooden Educational Toys

Each toy Grimm produces is unique. As every piece is cut from solid wood and hand sanded. You may even see some beauty marks that were left by the tree. 

In addition, their products are hand painted. They have bright, vibrant colors that will catch your eye. Since Grimm uses safe paints you do not have to worry if your child decides to mouth the toy. 

These wooden toys are perfect for open-ended play and inspired by Waldorf and Montessori approaches.

Materials Grimm uses: 

  • Alber, lime, beech, and maple wood
  • Glazing colors, vegetable oil, and water-based paints

Caring for these toys is slightly different than others. Never apply heat or disinfectants as these toys may crack. If needing to clean, simply apply a damp cloth and dry at room temperature. 

Wooden Puzzles

Grimm’s puzzles pull in your attention with these bright colors and unique designs.¬†

These are more than just puzzles. Children can stack them, build other shapes, or even build their own houses for their dolls or cars. With multiple ways of playing it makes a perfect gift. 

Wooden Flower Puzzle

View Item

Color Star Puzzle

View Item

Snail Puzzle

View Item

4 Elements of Life

The four elements of life: water, wind, fire, and earth. All of which have been represented in these block stackers. 

Teach your child about each element while still leaving an open-ended form of play. 

These stackers can be played with in so many different ways. Watch as your child builds a maze for their ball or a tunnel for their cars. They may use them to rock their dolls to sleep or even have their own campfire. There are so many possibilities for open-ended toys like these. 

Water Wave Blocks

View Item

Rainbow Stacker

View Item

Fire Stacker

View Item

Earth Block Stacker

View Item

Do you have a wooden toy company that you love and trust? Tell me who they are in the comments below!
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