Imagine reading comprehension worksheets that apply to ANY BOOK

No More Searching For The Required Literature!

Are you tired of searching for books that match curriculums? It drove me nuts to search for books at the library only to leave empty handed. I wasted so much time trying to find these books and I don’t want to see you go through the same thing. Imagine being able to go to the library, pick out ANY book, and easily applying a lesson to it.

Tell me if you can relate...

You run to the library Monday morning with your book list in hand. You search for each book on your list and maybe you manage to find one or two if you are lucky. The rest are no where to be seen. You ask the librarian, but unfortantly they don’t have the book in stock or it’s already out. Even if you decide to place a hold it takes weeks to receive it due to the pandemic. Buying all the books a curriculum requires isn’t an option and would cost a small fortain. So what do you do? You can’t complete the activity without the required materials. 

This is when you need to supplement books while you wait for your required materials.

Choose ANY book you want and pull out the BEST fitting worksheet to fulfill your lesson. This will not only help eliminate frustration, but will put some freedom back in your homeschool or classroom. Kids will be excited to choose which book they want to apply to their learning. This will increase reading comprehension!

55 Printables Total!!!


only 5 dollars

Put some flexibility in your school year!

Whether your waiting on materials to finish your next lesson or it’s just been one of those crazy days these printables will be able to assist you. Just pick a book, pull out one of the related printables, and practice comprehension skills.

Here is what you get...

Parts of a Book Sheets

  • Teaching children parts of a book is an early stepping stone into reading. 
  • Kids will learn and label parts of a book.
  • They will be able to become their own author and practice being an illustrator.
Parts of a book

Fiction Book Worksheets

  • Reflect on characters, the setting, story plot, and beginning, middle, and end. 
  • Retell stories as a whole to determine what your child remembers.
  • Educate children on each aspect of a story while focusing on one topic at a time.
  • 10 Fiction Printables

Non-Fiction Worksheets

  • Children will be able to document important and new facts.
  • Build upon vocabulary skills by defining new words.
  • Reflect and follow steps of a procedure. 
  • Conduct a scavenger hunt non-fiction style.
  • 5 Non-Fiction Printables
Non-fiction worksheets
Blank biography worksheets

Biography Pages

  • Apply biography worksheets to any historical figure.
  • Reflect on their accomplishments, famous quotes, and other interesting facts.
  • Children get to learn important aspects by coloring and drawing.
  • 2 Biography Printables

Reading Comprehension Cards

  • A TERRIFIC way to review with your child WITHOUT any worksheets.
  • Read the book, pull out the comprehension cards, and answers the questions.
  • Opens up a discussion about the book! 
  • 24 Reading Comprehension Cards
reading comprehension flashcards

Conduct Book Reports

  • Apply these worksheets to any book.
  • Children get to document their favorite part of the story and something new they learned. 
  • You’ll know if the child liked the book through rating.
  • Or go more in depth by answering other important questions.
  • 5 Book Report Printables

Reading Logs

  • Encourage children to read on their own and log the books they read.
  • A great activity to do while you get breakfast reading!
  • Bind them together to document what books your child read throughout the year.
  • These pages can be filled out by adults, but designed for kids.
  • 2 Reading Log Printables
Reading Logs Printable


Reading Comprehension Passages

2 Different Reading Comprehension Printable Sets

  • For the days you don’t want to read a book grab one of the reading comprehension stories.
  • Easy sentence structure stories for little learners. 
  • Sally And Her Dog reading series with multiple choice answers.
  • Answer key included for fast grading.
  • 13 Reading Comprehension Printables

Build Your Own Book!

  • Children get to learn what it’s like to be an author and illustrator to their own story.
  • Several different page styles to choose from – Small amount of text to half a page.
  • A terrific keepsake for the family.
Kids blank book

Are These Reading Comprehension Printables For You?

Children from ages 4-7

Moms who are over the frustration of searching for books to match curriculums!

Parents who want an open and go solution.

Kids who are ready for reading comprehension.

Last Chance!

This is the only chance you will have to purchase this deal. You will not find this price again. It’s literately the same price of a sandwich… It’s a no brainer!

Only $5.00 for 55 Reading Comprehension Printables! A $23.00 Value

An Answer To Your Question...

How do I use these printables?

These printables are designed for you to use with ANY book from the library or at home. It allows children to express reading comprehension while engaging in open conversation. Bind them all together and you have a great portfolio of work examples/list of books covered.

I don't need all the printables. Can I choose which ones I want?

Currently, this is the only spot these printables are offered. In the future you may find them in our store, but it may be a while until you see them. 

Are these printables play based?

These printables are not very play based, but there is plenty of coloring/drawing opportunities. 

What grade are these printables for?

These printables can be used for children in preschool to second grade. It mainly depends on your child’s academic level.

Do I need to do any prep work?

All you need to do is download the file, print, and go!

Do I need other materials for these printables?

All you need the books you wish to use and a binder if you planned to keep everything together.

Do you offer a full refund?

Unfortunately, we can not offer a refund and all sales are final. Even though we would love to offer a money back guarantee, we cannot, due to it being a digital product.

How will I receive the printables?

The file format you will receive is PDF. Shortly after you make your purchase an email will be sent to you. Please check your promotions and spam folder. Sometimes it ends up in there.

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