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9 Quick Activities for Preschoolers That Will Save You Time!

Some days we need something quick to teach our children. Whether we didn’t prepare anything the night before or we just don’t feel like pulling out this whole display of activities. These 9 quick activities for preschoolers will not only save you time but will fill your child with happiness!

1. KaBoom – Seriously, the best game EVER!

We absolutely LOVE playing KaBoom! This game is so much fun for the whole family and it is super easy to build! Moms, all you need are some popsicle sticks and a marker!

2. Name Hop – A Gross Motor Activity

Get ready for your child to burn some energy and practice spelling their name with this fun gross motor skills activity!

3. The Best Weather Experiment

As the clouds get heavier it begins to rain! That’s exactly what your child will learn about during this weather experiment. Super easy and can be set up in a matter of seconds!

4. Snowballs – That will not melt inside!

Your kids might make a slight mess, but it is totally worth it. Build these fun little snowballs then watch the fizz through different colors!

5. Mess-Free Rainbow Activity

All you need is some paint and a ziplock baggie and you have yourself a fun-filled squishy bag of play!

6. Giant Shape Match

Here is another super easy and fast activity to do with your preschooler. Build yourself a giant shape matching game.

7. Dirt Play-Doh and Rocks

You don’t need much with this play-doh activity! It is a super fun way to practice your alphabet while strengthening fine motor skills.

8. Color Sorting Train

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo! Hop on the color sorting train. This easy activity will have your child sorting all their toys by color.

9. Fingerpainting Ice Cream Counting

This fingerpainting activity is so simple yet, so adorable. Get some math practice in with this fine motor activity and you’ll be set for the day.

Final Thoughts…

So, there you have it! Nine quick activities for preschoolers that you can apply to your homeschooling schedule today. Be sure to keep these in your back pocket for a lazy day!

Looking for another quick activity for your preschooler? Check out my very popular pattern printable!

quick activities for preschoolers

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