Preschool Christmas Worksheets

Free Preschool Christmas Worksheets

Santa and his reindeer with Free Christmas worksheets perfect for preschool

Christmas is right around the corner and I know we moms love making things as festive as possible for our little ones! Therefore, I created some preschool Christmas worksheets that you can incorporate in your homeschooling lessons this December. 

Christmas coloring page with santa, reindeer, and christmas tree.

Santa and his reindeer are ready to meet those messy little hands! Get this Christmas coloring sheet and let your creative little one get to work.

Letter sounds practice with images

Beginning sound recognition is even more fun with this Christmas twist. Santa, his present, candy cane, and the Christmas tree are ready to be pared with their letter-sound counterpart.  

Christmas tree to color

Let your preschooler decorate this Christmas tree. They can use crayons, markers, or even pom-poms and pipe cleaners. 

Shape worksheet with shapes and objects to match.

This Christmas shape worksheet is a perfect introduction to recognizing the shapes in the objects we see daily.

Preschool Christmas worksheet that encourages children to match a number to the amount of ornaments on Christmas trees.

Practice your child’s number recognition and counting skills with this preschool Christmas worksheet. Begin by telling your child the numbers on the left and then ask them to count the ornaments on the trees. Finally, draw a line from the number to the tree with the same amount of ornaments!

Same or different worksheet

Same or different? In each line, your preschooler will find something that doesn’t belong. 

Christmas tree with ornaments to color by letter

Color by letter Christmas tree style! This preschool Christmas worksheet will have your child practicing their letter and color recognition. 

Thanks for checking out these preschool Christmas worksheets! 

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