phonological awareness

Build the Foundation For Learning How to Read!

Phonological Awareness Activities

Did you know there needs to be a strong foundation BEFORE you teach your child how to read? Let’s get it started!

In need of phonological awareness activities that are NOT boring?

There is nothing wrong with worksheets, but kids can be burnt out by them. They want something EXITING and FUN to do. I mean, that’s how learning really sticks. So, why not offer them to learn in a playful way?  

It's time to start the framework...

The early stages of reading begins with word play and the use of illustrations. Practicing these skills and building upon them will lead you to strong, successful readers. These activities are not everything you need, BUT it will get you started!

phonological awareness

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Here is the phonological awareness activities!

Rhyming Hands

Rhyming is a FUN and terrific skill to learn! Your child will love playing with words once they understand how their sounds relate to one another. 

Rhyming will prepare your reader by hearing the differences and similarities among words. Rhyming Hands does just this! Test your child’s rhyming skills by asking them to rhyme one word with several other options.

rhyming words
counting syllables

Counting Syllables

When children are able to hear the syllables in a word they begin the decoding process. This enables them to break the words down to prepare for accurate and fluent reading. 

Count up to five syllables with this syllable hand activity. Plus, learn about different ways to count syllables besides the clapping method!

CVC Word Family Spin

Why CVC words? Well, they are SUPER easy for kids to learn how to decode. This activity comes with four different themes. It covers at, ap, am, and an word families. 

Spin it, roll the dice, and then practice writing the word!

word families

Word Families With Dice

Even more word families! These fun sheets have a playfulness to them. Go ahead and roll the dice. See which letter you get and then build the word on the space provided. Lastly, draw a line to the matching image. 

17 different word families are covered!


Word Families With Dice

Once children are able to determine letter sounds in the appropriate order they are able to begin their reading journey. 

Starting with the first sound of a word is a great step to this process. Start with the first and work your way through the rest. This activity will test your child’s ability to hear the first letter in each word. 

Beginning Sounds Activity

Who are these Phonologial Awareness Activities for?

Teachers or Homeschooling Families

Children ages 4-7

Kids who are starting their reading education.

Parents who want a fun educational activity for their kids.

Parents who want to take a break from worksheets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a full lesson plan?

No, it does not come with a full lesson plan. These phonological awareness activities are to be used as an addition to your current curriculum. 

Does it include how to teach reading?

No, it does not. However, it is a great addition to any reading curriculum.

Is there a lot of cutting involved?

Yes, there is some cutting. However, once you are finished you will have a wonderful activity pack to use over and over again.

Can I use this for preschool?

Absolutely! Preschool aged children can participate in these activities. You will know switch ones your child is capable of.

How will I receive the printables?

After purchasing, you will receive an email with a PDF file. Allowing you to print as much as you wish! Please don’t share this file.

Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a refund due to the nature of the content. Online printables are unable to be returned.