Are you tired of searching for play-based math activities on Pinterest?

Get a MONTH of Math Printables!

Save yourself some time and be ahead for a change! This Mini Math Bundle will provide you with 10 different math activities you can do with your little learner.

Tell me if you can relate...

You can search Pinterest for hours and hours looking for the perfect math printable for your preschooler or kindergartener. After hours of looking you finally decided to enter your email. You receive the printables you desired, but the time wasted doesn’t end there. Now, your email will be overloaded by a bunch of bloggers. Sure, there isn’t anything wrong with that, but why not save some of your precious time?

Imagine having a plan for math for the next 6 weeks without having to search for any printables.

Planning out your homeschool week can be very time consuming. Especially, when you are teaching young minds! You need more than just a text book and a page number. You NEED that play eliminate to keep them engaged and excited to learn. I have just what you need!

Mini Math Bundle

76 Printables Total!!!


Here is what you will get!

6 Week Math Plan Example

This 6 week plan will provide you with a head start on your homeschool planning! You can choose to use these printables in whichever order you like or you could follow the provided example.

Mini math bundle 6 week plan
Measuring tall and long

Measuring Long and Tall

  • 12 printables total.
  • No cutting involved!
  • Only materials you’ll need a unit of measurement (blocks, buttons, etc).

Butterfly Patterns

  • 6 printables total.
  • Over 12 patterns to practice.
  • A sheet to build your own pattern.
  • Easy cutting option available!
Butterfly patterns
symmetry with shape blocks

Symmetry with Shape Blocks

  • 19 printables total.
  • Printables with and without answer for guided learning.
  • Can be used with Melissa and Doug shapes.
  • Don’t have shape blocks? No problem! – They are not required.

Dinosaur Patterns

  • 7 printables total.
  • Over 15 patterns to practice and test skills.
  • Build your own pattern sheet.
  • Easy cutting option available!
Dinosaur Patterns
Flower Pot Patterns

Flower Pot Patterns

  • 4 printables total + detailed information on how to teach patterns.
  • Very hands on activitiy!
  • Materials needed include a pot, dirt or sand, and popsicle sticks. 
  • Build a pattern on display pot and let kids mimic it in the flower pot.

Symmetry with Shapes

  • 4 printables total.
  • Triangle, Circle, and Square.
  • Great practice!
Symmetry shapes
Number Cards

Number Cards

  • 23 printables total.
  • Numbers 1-30
  • Counting by 5
  • Counting by 10
  • These can be used as flash cards BUT are designed for other activities!
  • 5 activity ideas provided!
  • Easy Cutting!!!!

Who is this Mini Math Bundle for?

Children from ages 4-7

Moms who just want a break from planning!

Parents who don’t mind a little bit of cutting.

Kids who LOVE to learn through play.

Last Chance!

This is the only chance you will have to purchase this deal. You will not find this price again. Save yourself time and money!

Only $3.75 for 76 Blay-Based Math Printables! A $15.00 Value

An Answer To Your Question...

Does this come with a lesson plan?

The Mini Math Bundle does NOT come with a lesson plan. It does come with a 6 week plan you can use to help decrease your homeschool planning time.

I don't need all the printables. Can I choose which ones I want?

You can purchase these printables individually. However, this is the BEST price you will find them for.

Are these printables play based?

These printables are designed with play in mind. We do our best to make printables fun and engaging.

What grade are these printables for?

These printables can be used for children in preschool to first grade. It mainly depends on your child’s academic level.

Is there a lot of cutting involved?

There is some cutting involved. However, most of the printables are lined up in a way you can quickly cut. The most time consuming (in regards to cutting) is the Flower Pot Pattern printables.

Do I need other materials for these printables?

The bare minimum you will need for this Mini Math Bundle is scissors, yarn, tape, a pot (or similar), and something to hold up popsicle sticks (such as rocks or sand).

Do you offer a full refund?

Unfortunately, we can not offer a refund and all sales are final. Even though we would love to offer a money back guarantee, we cannot, due to it being a digital product.

How will I receive the printables?

The file format you will receive is PDF. You will see there are two pdf files. The first one is a 95 page file. The second file is the easy to cut pattern strips.

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