Educational Resources for Preschoolers

Looking for material to add to your curriculum? Want to keep learning fun through play and games? Find it in the library! The Navigating Homeschool Library is always adding great educational material for the whole family! Currently, we have alphabet, counting, shapes, and holiday worksheets, in addition to a few games! This resource is starting to gain more learning through play printables!

Most Popular Printables

pattern practice


Teach your children the alphabet with  several worksheets that increase their visual and sound recognition, and pronunciation.


Find several different counting worksheets that will help your little one reach their academic goals!


Your child will strengthen their shape recognition! Enjoy fun worksheets and games!

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Navigating Homeschool is designed for families who are beginning the homeschooling journey. We want to provide you with the strength and encouragement to get through the first years of homeschool and beyond. Join us, as we navigate our way through homeschool together! 

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