6 Interactive Books Your Children Will Love!

Interactive books

Interactive books can be amazing for young children. We just LOVE them! They come alive when you read them. The best part is how much attention they can attract which is perfect for that little one who wants nothing to do with books! Read these books to your children and I swear, they will have a good time!

I only recommend the interactive books that we truly LOVE! Therefore, this post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission from any purchases you make at no extra cost to you!

Play This Book by Jessica Young and Daniel Wiseman is a favorite in our household! My children absolutely LOVED this book! My daughter begs for us to read it over and over again. It is a musical based book that is designed for your children to “play”. They get to explore different instruments while sitting and reading with you. Each page has an interactive concept to it. You can tink–tink-tink the piano, chick-chick-chick the maracas, and my daughters favorite, crash the cymbal by slamming the book shut! 

2. Don’t Push The Button!

Of course, the title of the book tells you exactly what not to do but yet it attempts you so much to just PUSH THAT BUTTON! Once you push the button you’ll notice changes occur on each page. The more you stress to your children to not push the button; the more fun they have! This interactive book was written by Bill Cotter. Don’t Push The Button is a whole series of books that covers many different holidays beyond its original book.

3. Mix It Up!

An interactive painting book that children can enjoy by mixing up the colors! Dab your finger in the blue and mix it with the yellow to see what color appears on the next page. Slam the book shut to watch the colors collide and slide your hand all of the pages to watch the colors mix. Mix It Up strengthens children’s imagination and is a great source to teach children about primary colors!

4. Press Here!

Here’s another book by the same author as Mix It Up. Press Here is full of different commands that all starts with a yellow little dot. Press that dot and watch as the book transform while demanding a different motion to reach the next page. Press the book, clap multiple times, or even shake the book to create different pictures.

5. This Book Just Ate My Dog!

Imagine walking your dog and all of a sudden a book ate your dog!? This is exactly what happens to Bella. As others try to help her find out why the book ate her dog they start to disappear as well! Bella gets fed up and decides to investigate herself, only to disappear. That is when the interactive pages come in and you have to save them all by shaking the book! This Book Just Ate My Dog is a very fun book for everyone!

6. The Fly!

This interactive book is full of buzzing fun! The fly just doesn’t understand why people don’t want to share with him. He never misses lunch but enjoys roaming around the neighborhood. He never harmed anyone. Yet, everyone wants to swat at him! 

If you would like to check these books out at the library, I provided a PDF of the list, so you can take it with you! You can get it below!

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