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Building Patterns with Flowers – A Learning Through Play Math Activity

If you liked the pattern printable, I wanted to share with you this other preschool/kindergarten math activity for patterns. It is based on learning through play and has a fun twist to building patterns by building your very own flower pot. Get ready for this pattern math activity…


pattern math activity - you build this and they build that

What you need for this flower pot pattern builder…

  • You will need the flower pot pattern printable.
  • Laminator
  • Velcro stickers or tape
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Small flower pot
  • Dirt or whatever you wish to fill the pot with
  • Scissors

pattern math activity

How do you use the flower pattern printable?

This pattern math activity comes with a changeable pattern sheet. You will be able to build different flower patterns for your child to follow. Once you build a pattern, provide them with the small flower pot and flowers to see if they can repeat the pattern.

Where to find the flower pattern printable!

Patterns with flowers

You can find the printable at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

building patterns with flowers

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