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The Best Educational Toys for Preschool

The Best Educational Toys for Preschool

There are so many toys out there and it can be challenging to determine the best ones for educational purposes. Toys with all the bells and wishes can be over stimulating for young children or difficult for them to play with all the features. These are some of the best educational toys that I came across and have used with my own children. They find them incredibly fun! Your kids probably will too!

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Wooden Alphabet Fishing Game

My children love this fishing game! It helps promote fine motor skills while building on cognitive skills. Each fish has an alphabet letter on it. You will receive two small wooden fishing rods. In addition, the other side of the board adds a different texture by inserting the fish into the board. Afterwards, you would use the orange magnetic doll. This toy is well built and the kids love playing with it!

Marble Maze Racetrack

This marble maze racetrack is a great STEM toy that promotes development of hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, creativity, color and shape recognition, problem solving ability, and more! Those with engineering minds would love playing with this. It comes with 97 pieces; including the four plastic marbles. You can follow the instructions or build your own track! These blocks are also compatible with duplo blocks. 

Bristle Block Stackadoos

These bristle block stackadoos are simply AMAZING! My kids will play with these for hours and it sparks their imagination. They enjoy the endless possibilities that they can make with them. Their favorite are robots and planes. The best part is they are not challenging for the younger kids to connect together. No matter where they decide to connect them they will fit unlike working with most block sets.

Hot Dots

Hot Dots are a great method for teaching young children. It provides the child with a fun interactive way to learn without having to sit with a piece of paper and pencil. Most kits provide you with a Hot Dot Pen. The child will use it choose their response on the index card. If they choose correctly they will hear a motivational sound and if not the child will be directed to try again. My daughter has this and it has helped improve her letter, shape, and color recognition.

Magnetic Color Matching Game

This magnetic color matching game is a great way for children to practice their colors while building hand muscles to prepare for writing. My son loves playing with this and enjoys watching others participate!

Wooden Bear Dress Up Play Set

Melissa and Doug toys are one of my favorite toy companies! I completely adore wooden toys. This play set is a great tool for helping children learn about different emotions. I use it with my daughter to express different feelings and she often builds different bears while labeling how each family member is feeling. It is small and perfect for one the go!

Melissa and Doug Cutting Play Food

Melissa and Doug has such wonderful toys! We have these wooden cut up play food that my kids enjoy. They can spend hours playing with these and making new “meals” for Mom and Dad to try. It helps build their hand strength, expand their knowledge about the foods we eat, and expands imaginary play!

Finding the best educational toys is hard and I hope I made it a little bit easier for you. These toys are great ideas for birthdays, every day play, and perfect for adding to your homeschool teachings! Do you have any favorite educational toys? Tell me below!

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  1. Love the fishing game and the color matching game! I love wood toys for little ones. Great suggestions! I’ll definitely be checking them out.

    1. Thanks Sheena! My kids absolutely love them. Wooden toys are the best! It is rewarding providing toys to your kids that you know will have less impact on our ecosystem! Glad to help : )

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