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If you have a love for unique learning and want to share it with your children. This is the post for you! There are so many alternatives out there that can replace the traditional schooling methods. This is what makes homeschooling so amazing!


This is a term that can draw a lot of negative attention. Unschooling is a homeschooling education that is child-directed. Instead of molding the child to the education, you are molding the education to fit the child! This method of learning puts your children in charge of their own education. This enables them to explore their interests, act upon their questions, and curiosity. As your child gains an interest in a topic you can further assist by providing additional knowledge and resources. This is one method that gets a lot of criticism because of the idea and worry of children doing nothing all day. And sure this can happen. However, children can still be successful through unschooling.

If you are interested in learning more about unschooling check out these bloggers!

Unschooling Mom2Mom

Unschooling can have a lot of negative feedback and these moms know it! A group of experienced unhomschooling moms came together and created this site as a safe platform for current unschoolers to discuss and get answers to their questions. If you were interested in unschooling this is a great resource to have! They are overloaded with fantastic information that includes unschooling preschool, deschooling, unschooling teens, and coaching sessions to name a few.

I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.

Idzie, a kindergarten dropout, who never attended any addition school setting took learning in her own hands! She was an unschooled child who grew to be well known for her role in unschooling. Idzie’s work has been published in several magazines, including Life Learning Magazine. If you or family members have fears about how your child will turn out as an unschooler, why not get your resources from a grown unschooler herself?


The world is a huge place so why not use it as your classroom? Worldschoolers learn through their experiences as they travel from place to place. They gain exposure to several different cultures and lifestyles. Children are able to further understand historical events as they visit the locations it occurred. In addition, they can become well-rounded individuals who can respect others beliefs and choices.

If you are interested in learning more about worldschooling check out these bloggers!

World Travel Family

Alyson and her family have over 6 years of experience traveling and exploring 50 or more different countries! Insane! They choose to educate their children without using lessons or distance education. They just enjoy the freedom of learning as it comes to them. Their site is the ULTIMATE resource for worldschoolers and those who are interested in pursuing a lifestyle as a worldschooler. Even if worldschooling isn’t for you, you can still find great information for family vacations!

Captivating Compass

Shannan and her family never dreamed of homeschooling their children until their one child became ill and had to recover from surgery. They were then able to experience the wonders of a co-op and their love for homeschooling took off! Shannan already had an insane love for traveling and homeschooling provided them with the freedom of traveling more frequently. They bring a whole new level of FUN to worldschooling by playing spin the bottle with your passport, as she calls it, and book the cheapest flight to wherever the plane is going! Genius!

2 Travel Dads

This is the first LGBT family to travel and blog about their experiences. Even before this couple had children they would explode the world together. Chris and Rob have two beautiful young boys whom they chose to worldschool. They believe the world is the best form of education while supplementing it with a well-structured curriculum.


Many families expand on their homeschooling experience by packing everyone up and hitting the road! Majority of roadschoolers travel in their RV or motorhome while stopping at several locations across the country. Imagine teaching a history lesson and being able to walk out your door and step right onto the land on which it all took place?! It provides a whole new aspect of learning. The lesson is fresh in your children’s minds and there doesn’t need to be a long wait period to visit the historical site!

Want to know more? These bloggers are full of information!

Nomads With A Purpose

If you have more than two children and think traveling full time would never work, think again! Robyn and Victor, from Nomads With A Purpose, have been traveling full time with FIVE children! They do a mixture of hitting the road and traveling by plane. Can you imagine 7 people in a motorhome traveling across the country? They make it happen and can show you how to do it too!

This family shares their journey as they hit each state in the United States. Not only can you read about their trips, but you can also gain the support needed to do this yourself. They believe you don’t need to be a full-time traveler to become a roadschooler. Many families take weekend trips to fulfill their traveling desire. You will get an understanding of the sense of community, find curriculums for the road, learn about the tips and tricks needed to be a successful roadschooler!


Have a love for the ocean and adventure? Check out boatschooling! This is something we hope to do in the near future. Many families decide to live on a boat. Some decide to stay in one location while others set sail and let the wind take them to their next destination. Now, when it comes to education, most families choose a curriculum because of its step by step teaching method. Although, it is important to remember space is very limited on a boat so you would need to choose wisely. However, imagine sitting on the bow, the front of the boat, while teaching your little ones and all of a sudden they spot dolphins racing alongside you. Maybe, tomorrow they will see a sea turtle, a whale, or a shark, the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget about the destinations you will reach!

If you have a love for the ocean be sure to check out these bloggers!

Homeschool Ahoy

Lyndy and her family have been living aboard their 40′ catamaran for over 5 years now. They began their homeschooling journey when their eldest daughter reached the 1st grade. Lyndy believes the term school can put a lot of pressure on a child which can lead to learning resistance. So, they eliminated that pressure by simply teaching and learning without labeling it. They use a mixture of homeschooling and unschooling which has been paying off for them as their children are exploding academically. Their eldest daughter has a love for marine biology while their youngest enjoys story writing and theater arts.

Sailing Totem

This is a super popular sailing blog. Behan and her husband, Jamie are raising their 3 children while sailing the world. They have a long history of sailing behind them and even wrote a book about Voyaging with Kids. It’s full of homeschooling information. On their site, you can find plenty of resources regarding homeschooling and the cruising lifestyle. You can even see their current location! If you’re interested in boatschooling but afraid of the process they offer lifestyle coaching to help you reach your goals!

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