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Alphabet Bingo With A Twist: The NOT-so-BORING Game!

I know we have all played bingo at one point in our lives. It’s something that has been around for years. There are so many different forms of this game for young children. However, today I want to share with you our little twist on alphabet bingo.

Why play Alphabet Bingo?

Alphabet Bingo is great for children to strengthen their letter recognition skills. They get to practice their sounds and match the name of the letter to its correct symbol. This is a fun way for parents to test their children on their listening skills and letter recognition. You may be able to gain an understanding of what area your child needs a bit more practice.

Alphabet Bingo

What comes in this Alphabet Bingo?

In this alphabet bingo printable, you will receive 4 playing cards. Each playing card is unique in color and by the layout of their letters. These bingo cards do not have any free spaces. I took away the free space to add some extra time to the game and to provide another chance to practice an additional letter.

You will receive 26 calling cards for the alphabet bingo. Each card contains one alphabet letter.

There are also two switch cards which I will explain next… This is the fun part, so keep reading!

Bingo calling cards

What are the switch cards?

The switch cards are used to create a little twist in the game. If a switch calling card has been pulled, you must switch your playing card with another individual. You can decide if they get to choose or you need to switch to the right.

This creates some different emotions and rethinking into the game. Plus, it just makes it a bit more fun.

Final thoughts…

Alphabet bingo turns learning into a fun game. It’s a great way to practice letters and is perfect for early education. Are you ready to play some? Download it below!

What is your favorite educational game? Tell me in the comments!

ABC Bingo with a Twist

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