All About Dad Printables

All About Dad Printables: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is right about the corner! I’m not sure about you, but right after Mother’s Day I start planning our Father’s Day gifts. And a great addition to your gift is the All About Dad printables.

If you have older children, don’t forget to check out the section towards the bottom. It contains printables with questions to ask Dad. These are questions they may want to know the answers to. It’s a great conversation starter, and memory to have!

What makes these All About Dad printables so great?

Well, if you never gifted a child’s opinion before you’re missing out! It is a terrific, heart warming, and sometimes hilarious gift to give just about anyone.

  • Kids speak honestly and their answers can really make you laugh.
  • It is a great memory to cherish for many years.
  • The younger they are the funnier their answers.
  • It’s a terrific gift that any father, step-dad, or grandfather will LOVE without needing to spend any money.

But my child can’t read or write…

That’s perfectly okay! You just have to ask them the questions and write the answers for them. Even better if you write it the exact way they say it.

Let’s get to the printables!

All About Dad Questionnaire

Ask your child these questions about Dad and see what type of answers they come up with!

All About Dad Questionnaire

All About Step-Dad Questionnaire

Contains the same questions as All About Dad

All About My Step-Dad

All About Grandpa Questionnaire

Contains the same questions as All About Dad

All About My Grandpa

All About Daddy Printable

Get the best of both worlds by printing these All About Daddy printables. They have fun questions to answer and children are able to color a picture of them with their dad. These pages also have less questions for those who may need a little less.

Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Don’t forget about the Father’s Day coloring pages. They make a great activity for your children to work on while you complete another task. These are also great for libraries to set out at coloring stations.

Questions To Ask Dad On Father’s Day

If you have older kids and are looking to do something a bit different consider downloading the Questions To Ask Dad free printables. This is more of a keepsake for kids than it is for Dad. Kid’s will be able to ask these important questions that they may wish to remember whenever they become older and Dad may no longer be around to ask.

Note: Don’t forget to do a live recording of these answers. Hearing his voice 20-30 years down the road will be such a joy! Also, you may or may not need addition paper for more writing space.

A few additional gift ideas for Father’s Day

14 in 1 Hammer Tool

“Thank you for helping build my life”

Universal Socket Tool

Just like having a whole set of sockets!

A Book For Dad

Fill in the blank book. A keepsake for Dad to have for many years.

New Parent Fate Coin

Flip the coin to see whose turn it is.

Night Stand Organizer

For the Dad who looses everything!

Magnetic Wristband

Great for holding small parts.

I hope you enjoyed these All About Dad printables and found something extra special to gift your loved one.

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